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It's not easy crewing for a 10 day event, but the rewards are great.

The DecaUK team is a small one but between them they have years of crewing experience. They have all either worked on previous Brutal Events or taken part in them (or both) and know what it takes to help the athletes through tough times. Click here to read Jim's 2018 crew report.

If you would like to join the team in 2019, please get in touch.

Thanks to Kathi Harman and Darren Wheeler for the photography.

The Deca UK was an amazing experience in which I made some great friends and witnessed boundaries being pushed. It was a privilege to be part of it - Jim Page

Meet the team

Claire Smith

Event Director

Paul Smethurst

Head Medic

Jim Page

Course Director

Matt Brown

Event Timing

Justin Hounsell

Swim Director

Kathi Harman

Event Photographer

Event Partners

We work with some awesome companies...