>>Please read the information pack here: INFO PACK

• Can I get picked up from the Airport? We can arrange transport for athletes from Manchester (MAN) airport only.

• Are there showers? There are showers close to the swim exit and also on the campsite.

• Where can I get food? There is a cafe onsite and a large supermarket (Sainsbury's) under 4 miles from the venue. We will be supplying one hot meal per day, more info to follow on this.

• Do I need crew? Crew is not mandatory but it is strongly advised for the longer events, you have a far better chance of finishing the event with crew. The organisors will help where possible though.

• How does the transfer from the pool for the continuous events work Your crew can drive you or we can arrange transport. YOU MUST NOT DRIVE YOURSELF.

• Can I wear a wetsuit for pool swim? (continuous events only) You can wear wetsuits, or shorty wetsuits or just a swimming costumes. You can also add and remove layers as required if you get cold or overheat.

• What are the courses like? A 10 mile loop on smooth tarmac roads (not closed but quiet) for the bike. A .5 mile trail loop around the lake. (Both these routes will be confirmed after the recce on July 7th / 8th

• Where can I wash my clothes? There are washing facilities at the campsite, but no washing machines.

• Where can I leave my food / kit? We will have a large event marquee where you can set up a personal area for this. You also will be able to put up a small gazebo (not for sleeping overnight in) if you prefer.

• Is this an IUTA race? The Continuous Quin and Deca are both IUTA races, the rest are not.

• How many places available? 60, over all the events.

• Where will registration and briefings be held? For the Continuous events, these will be held at the swimming pool before you start. For the other one-a-day events, these will be the night before at the campsite. More specific times etc will be in the information pack you will receive leading up to the event.

• How many places available? 60, over all the events.

• Can I pay by installments? You will be able to pay with 3 installments for the Deca and 2 for the Quin. You must be fully paid up 6 weeks before the event.

• How can I enter? You need to pay a £100 (Deca) or £50 (Quin) non-refundable deposit to Brutal Events to secure your place. You will then be placed on the Athlete list and we will arrange the rest of your payments. The other events are full payment only.

• When can I enter? Entries are open now. Please email info@brutalevents.co.uk for bank details.

We will be adding to the FAQs as and when we get new / updated information.

There is also a closed Facebook group (search - Deca UK 2019) that it is advised you join if you are intending to enter any of the events. You can ask questions and get advice from previous competitors here.